Green Tiger House is committed to being responsible — to the environment, community, and employees. 
We constantly strive to improve our business operations and reduce environmental impact and contribute to social responsibility.


How do our purveyors conduct business?  We are aware of our supply chain and have a policy that guides our purveyors.  We expect our suppliers to be responsible in their operations and community.


Whenever possible we source supplies and products within 50 miles.

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Organic labels and systems are in the early stages in Thailand — and face challenges related to regulation and enforcement.  In light of this, we work with our suppliers to ensure agents from our ‘do not use’ list is followed.  The ‘do not use’ list is modeled after the USDA Organic program. 

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Relations between employers and employees are covered by the Thai Labor Protection Act (LPA). While the LPA helps ensure fair treatment, we are committed to gender equality and creating a healthy work environment.  Thailand rates 69 on the Gender Inequality Index (GII).  



We recycle and compost. We do not use plastic. (We reduce the use of plastic, e.g. straws, TrashHero)



Our menu is guided by the principle of Garden to Table. We source quality produce that is grown responsibly.  We use fresh ingredients that follow the Reform Kafé Quality Checklist.

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We implement the following energy saving strategies: LED lights, motion sensors, renewables, and user-behavior.
• Solar Power 

Cleaning Products 
In order to sanitize and clean, traditional toxic chemicals are not necessary.  We use locally produced probiotic and chemical-free EM (Effective Microorganism) products which eliminate germs and odors, and provide you with a comfortable visit and no breathing VOCs.


We are aware a corporate responsibility program is never finished — there are always areas requiring improvement — and it requires balancing profit with people and the planet.