Green Tiger House is committed to being responsible — to the environment, community, and employees. 
We constantly strive to improve our business operations and reduce environmental impact and contribute to social responsibility.


Organic labels and systems are in the early stages in Thailand — and face challenges related to regulation and enforcement.  In light of this, we work with our suppliers to ensure agents from our ‘do not use’ list is followed.  The ‘do not use’ list is modeled after the USDA Organic program. 

We do not use oranges — this is why ›


Our menu is guided by the principle of Garden to Table. We source quality produce that is grown responsibly.  We use fresh ingredients that follow the Reform Kafé Quality Checklist.

Homemade almond milk ›
Baking soda to clean produce ›


We are aware a corporate responsibility program is never finished — there are always areas requiring improvement — and it requires balancing profit with people and the planet.