Green Tiger House is the first Green Key Global certified hotel in Asia.

The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and used by leading hotel brands in 15 countries around the world.

We are committed to being responsible — to the environment, community, and our employees. Our Green Key Global certification provides guests with confidence that our claims about being a responsible business are third-party verified and our reporting is transparent. We constantly strive to improve our business operations, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to social responsibility.

Green Key Global certification represents our promise to our guests: we are committed to lessening environmental impact, acting responsibly, and supporting local business.

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For 2020, the Green Tiger House has been awarded 4 out of 5 possible keys by the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.


Green Key Global is a leading international environmental certification body that offers standardized programs and resources, designed specifically for the hotel and meetings industries. Affordable programs, including the Green Key Eco-Rating and the Green Key Meetings Programs, help our members leverage organizational corporate social responsibility activities and support sustainable initiatives across their properties and brands to benefit the environment and improve community relations. With 1600 participating hotels in 20 countries and a notable mix of branded and independent members, Green Key Global is truly the hotel and lodging industry’s sustainable certification program of choice.

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Whenever possible we source supplies and products within 50 miles.
We understand the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods long distances and choose to source our produce locally.
Sourcing local food also ensures freshness and when it is fresher it has more nutrients.


Organic labels and systems are in the early stages in Thailand — and face challenges related to regulation and enforcement. In light of this, we work with suppliers we personally know and have built a relationship of trust and give preference to internationally certified organic products, i.e. USDA.

Organic Rice
At Green Tiger House, we use USDA Certified Organic rice from local producer and rice exporter Sukha House.

We do not use oranges — this is why ›

Owner Varee Kanokkhun visiting one of our suppliers inside the organic hall at Chiang Mai’s Jing Jai Market.


How do our purveyors conduct business? We expect our suppliers to be responsible in their operations and community. Working with businesses that share our same values is integral to our operation.


Relations between employers and employees are covered by the Thai Labor Protection Act (LPA). While the LPA helps ensure fair treatment, we are committed to gender equality and creating a healthy work environment.  Thailand rates 69 on the Gender Inequality Index (GII). 


We have a dedicated waste segregation area allowing for on-property sorting for recycling plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, tins, glass and a composting system for food waste to go back into the garden soil. We provide our guests with a convenient water refill station to help eliminate single-use plastic bottles. 

Water Refill Station ›


Our menu is guided by the principle of Garden to Table. We source quality produce that is grown responsibly.  We use fresh ingredients that follow the Reform Kafé Quality Checklist.

Homemade almond milk ›
Baking soda to clean produce ›


We implement the following energy-saving strategies: LED lights, renewables, and user-behavior.
Our guest rooms are fitted with state of the art air conditioning units that are cleaned regularly to maximize efficiency of cooling.

Our rooftop-mounted solar panels provide supply the hot water for all guest rooms and the entire building. 


We understand the environmental impact associated with animal agriculture and believe in the health benefits of eating plant-based food. By doing so, we also help to reduce the harm inflicted on our animal friends.

Our EM (Effective Microorganism) Cleaning Products

We are in transition to use EM products for the following items: 
Bathroom cleaner, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, hand wash, dish washer and water treatment.


Sanitizing guest rooms between stays and providing a clean hotel are a top priority, however, in doing so the use of toxic chemicals is not necessary. Instead, we use chemical-free Effective Microorganisms also known as EM (see image). This is a probiotic product which eliminates germs and odors, providing you with a comfortable visit without the harmful VOCs associated with toxic chemicals. 

The manufacturer of our EM cleaning products is Green Doilor, a local company. We are proud to share a safe way to clean and sanitize without the use of toxic chemicals. For more information about cleaning chemical-free with EM, click here ›

In addition, the environmentally-friendly room toilet cleaner and oil degreaser by  InnuScience have replaced our regular cleaning agents and we are still in the process of upgrading our range of in-house cleaning products to minimize the use chemicals. 

In an effort to provide the best air quality possible, Green Tiger House does not use harmful, chemical-laden, air fresheners. Instead, our cleaning staff is meticulous when cleaning, which eliminates potential sources of odor. The result, no need to “cover up” bad odors, and no need to use toxic chemicals used in traditional air fresheners.

Additional Information:
To find out why more than 30 hospitals in Thailand are using EM products, please read this case study ›


We are aware a corporate responsibility program is never finished — there are always areas requiring improvement — and it requires balancing profit with people and the planet.